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Gina Greco

has been an instructor of many group exercise classes, including floor aerobics, boot camp, step, kick-boxing, body sculpting, interval training, dance, aqua aerobics, Pilates, Cardio Blast classes and Stretch classes. For many years she taught the very early morning class at the Redwood Health Club as well as evening classes at both Deerwood and Redwood clubs before moving to the City of Ukiah's Recreation Department where she began Ukiah’s first Pilates classes and still teaches there today with a very loyal following of clients.

Gina is focused on providing you with a fitness experience like no other. Did you know that becoming fit and staying fit will improve your life and can be fun as well? Gina is an experienced instructor who is motivating, has high-energy, knowledgeable, and yet non-intimidating. She provides quality service and customer satisfaction - she will meet your expectations.

“I have been attending Gina's class for over two years and what a fun and wonderful experience it is. Her approach is vital and alive. I often find myself laughing while trying to hold a pose. I recommend joining the group of wonderful people who like myself are loyal fans of Gina's. Oh and yes, you will really see the difference and laugh a lot!” Whitney


“I always look forward to my Pilates classes with Gina! Her energy is amazing, her instruction so complete that it works for everyone at every level, from beginners to those who have been working with her for years. She keeps everyone's energy up with humor and personality. The group energy is so powerful. Powerful instructor - powerful class.”

Bob Brumback

“ Pilates for me is an invigorating and yet a calming exercise. The term "exercise" is not the appropriate description. I like to refer to Pilates as a yoga for the western body and mind. Our instructor Gina teaches a balance of aerobic workouts (Yang) in the first half of the class and then a series of strengthening exercises ( Yin) the class is finished with a few stretching movements (relaxing). Pilates has become such a part of my life that I can't imagine ever being without it. Genial Gina has also the knack to make pain be fun...She could have been a great dentist!"

Pierre Horn

"I have the most fun I have ever had in an exercise class. The intervals of cardio, Pilates and toning are ideal. Gina makes people believe in themselves. She makes it less intimidating and lots of fun!"

Paula R

"Pilates with Gina has made getting in shape an exciting experience. Twice a week for one hour is an investment that yielded confidence and strength within a short amount of time. I absolutely recommend this to anyone, at any age or level of fitness."

Amy Baker

"Gina knows how to create a hearty physical workout in a relaxed and fun social atmosphere. It's hard not to get "hooked" as you experience the healthy results!" Cynthia

Gina can be reached at 707-391-4330


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