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"Gina is a taskmaster and she will kick your butt. She makes working out fun with her upbeat attitude."

Shannon Ledford

"I am 69 years old and have been taking Pilates classes with Gina for four years. Pilates has helped me become much more agile, so much more that when I get up in the morning, I'm not hunched over like a lot of 60 year olds. I can stand straight up and walk, It feels great. I started Pilates because I was developing osteoporosis. I was on medication for a few years and last year my doctor took me off of them because my bones stopped losing bone mass. So, during the years I was taking Pilates, my bones became stronger. I can't do all the moves, but what I can do I know is helping me tremendously.

I really enjoy being in Gina's class. She's a great instructor and knows her field. She's full of energy, very personable and makes you laugh. I'll be taking Pilates until I'm too old to walk or drive, which ever comes first."

Milly Looby

"I am amazed at the difference it has made in relieving my chronic back pain. Even after a long day at work, I look forward to going to class because I know I am going to feel energized and renewed by the time class is over. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to strengthen, tone, and energize!

Melody H.

"Gina has a faithful following of people who enjoy a full hour of physical exercise in a relaxed atmosphere of social camaraderie. It's addictive! Come join the fun and feel your body get stronger and even make some new friends!"

Cynthia Hansen

“Gina is great at modifying the program to meet our needs, but keeps pushing us so that we maximize the opportunities to strengthen, stretch and balance.”

Holly R.

" Pilates is excellent conditioning for your core muscles and thereby reducing back pain and the potential for back injury when you over-due on the weekend. It also aids in improving posture.”

Lawrence Mitchell

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