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Trigger Point

Unlock your body

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Compression Techniques is a revolutionary form of myofascial release that systematically restores tissue elasticity, fluidity, and function resulting in pain reduction, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

(fascia is a sheet of connective tissue covering and entwined in muscle)

MCT is defined by building compression into the targeted muscle with a TP device. Once compressed, the targeted muscle and limb is taken through a range of motion. Once this is defined, we then take the distal limb through its own pattern of movement replicating everyday functions. The compressed muscle tissue will produce an inhibitory response in the muscle spindle while also addressing associated myofascial dysfunctions. This process also opens up neurological pathways allowing for greater muscular proprioception. Deep nasal breathes work to relax the muscle while oxygenating the blood. MCT also changes the muscle's viscosity allowing for more fluid movement.

Because of my own personal experience with pain and muscle disfunction, I am so excited to offer this service to you. My own testimony is a life time of Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) resulting in pain and disfunction. In the last few years I acquired sciatica issues as well. Pilates has helped me tremendously with my posture and making my core muscles strong enough to support my misaligned spine and to keep me out of Doctor's offices. But I have to admit that I have always had a good amount of pain.

I am astounded at my improvement since using the TP therapy! My body feels better than it has in many years. I was not aware of how tight my whole body had become until it was released.

MCT therapy has changed my life! MCT + Pilates = Pain free days!

I would like to share this with you. I am available for therapy sessions for $60.00 a session. Depending on your issue, you may need a few sessions which run usually under an hour.

If you love the product as much as I do you may want to purchase your own equipment through this website link.

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